Friday, March 19, 2010

Who is Malcolm Little??

I, like our fallen comrade that I borrowed my moniker from, am just an ordinary man from the struggle; the same struggle that the vast majority of us come from in this day and age.  For those who may question my motives for the name I chose, I offer this explanation:  I chose the birthname of our brother because it symbolizes and embodies the reality that with the proper knowledge and motivation, anybody can turn a negative line of thinking into one that's more beneficial to not only him/herself, but to his/her peers and loved ones as well.  Brother Malcolm, he came from the same life of crime that many of our lost brothers and sisters live every day in this country, and due to his incarceration became a legal slave of this country just like so many of us do to this day.  Despite those obstacles however, he was still able to become a true inspiration to millions.  That's why I chose this name.  If he can make a change and make a difference, so can I.  If I can do it, so can you.

I am a man who lives by the credo, "QUESTION EVERYTHING."  The average person tends to only see things for surface value, because it's simpler and requires less brainpower; but it's guaranteed that if you dig past the surface to see what's being covered underneath, you will find dirt, filth and all types of nastiness everytime.  The further you dig, the more dirt you'll find.  Every time.  Just to give an example, racism.  On the surface, racism is a very confusing issue because it's impossible to pinpoint exactly where all the hatred came from to begin with.  Once you crack that surface and begin to get into the dirt underneath though, it becomes so much clearer.  It becomes obvious that racism is actually a calculated tactic used by certain entities in this world whose sole interest is to have us all in pocket, regardless of race.  Keeping people divided, along with fear, is the easiest method of controlling them; but unless you QUESTION EVERYTHING, you will be unable to see the tricks taking place and the strings being pulled.

What I am not, is some tabloid blogger; if you're looking for celeb gossip, rumors and the like, search elsewhere because this ain't the place for that.  Sorry.  I'm not here to glorify and sensationalize whichever rapper gets arrested or shot this week, next week, or any week for that matter.  Yes I will speak on topics related to Hip-Hop and entertainment in general, but when I do it'll be from an intelligent perspective, as someone who's fed up with all the ignorance that we as a society keep buying into each and every day.  Some of my perspectives may raise a bit of controversy, but that's ok; controversy forces people to ask questions and seek the truth, which is what Malcolm Little is all about.

Thank you for stopping by to check me out, and I look forward to the intelligent dialogue that I hope to spark with my words.  :)


Malcolm Little

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